social practice

“Profound Feats”

fifty fifty arts collective (Victoria BC,) 2018. In collaboration with Corrie Peters.

In conversation with Shirley Daventry French, the now 86 year old founder of Victoria’s longest running Yoga studio, the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria, Jennifer said, “in my art, I am interested in how small, subtle and silent acts can potentially have profound effects in the world.”

And Shirley answered, “don’t all acts have profound effects?”

Profound Feats began with the sharing of this story, and in Jennifer and Corrie’s mutual interest in holding space for what is profound in the everyday. They are interested in how pondering this calls them to a heightened sense of responsibility in the moment, to truly show up in their daily-ness together and in community.

During Profound Feats Corrie and I exhibited artworks (drawings and video) that we felt embodied a sense of profundity in the everyday. We also “performed feats” of care and community building like; jam making in the gallery using local berries, “neck yoga” to release stress held in neck & shoulders, and an afternoon of throwing things and feeling anger - to honour & express emotions often held in the body.

“Refuge in the Present Moment”

Haybarn Theatre, Goddard College (Vermont,) 2013. In collaboration with Devora Neumark

From July-December 2012, Devora and I were in dialogue on a (near) weekly basis planning a series of collaborative performative explorations. This turmeric circle, one of our first initiatives, was furtively drawn on the floor of Haybarn Theatre (first built in 1868 by the Martin Family and originally used to store hay, grain and livestock). We sourced the turmeric from a local co-op, it was fair-trade and organic. Minutes after we “drew” this, hundreds of people gathered in this space. We ask; how can art invite us to live more in the present? How are acts made with intention and deep care, if they’re seemingly small, silent or subtle, felt or received by others? and why does making a practice of presence matter?

(More) social practice coming soon!..