“Cultivating Joy as Radical Practice” - Limited edition artists’ book of 62 copies

From the introduction: “Triggered by the despondency felt after the 2014 Umbrella Movement (pro-democracy protests) in Hong Kong, Things that can happen commissioned Devora Neumark’s art wellness laboratory (for the month of December 2016) in order to affirm that often the most effective engagement stems from a joyous ground of being. Devora… invited Jennifer Van de Pol to collaborate with her for the month-long research-creation residency project.

… In this time of global upheaval, we choose to experience joy as an act of resilience, a counterpoint to hopelessness and a manifestation of the underlying radiance within us all.” Devora Neumark and Jennifer Van de Pol, 2016.

6.75” x 9.75”; 26 pages. This book features 17 pages of texts by the artists and 10 pages of full colour images, 5 of which are video stills. Published by Small Tune Press, Hong Kong. $100 CDN per copy. Contact me here to order

More books coming soon!..